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Sorry Mammals, Birds rule now!
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Short necked Hatzy sketches by Hyrotrioskjan
Short necked Hatzy sketches
Many of you asked me if I would release detailed drawings of Hatzegopteryx and Eurazhdarcho too, and many others pointed out that Hatzegopteryx was maybe short necked too. I don't have detailed work of these species but I have some sketches of short necked giant Azhdarchids I want to share with you. In addition I tried my hands on baby azhdarchids and a little landscape drawing.
Isopods by Hyrotrioskjan
Isopods have a bunch of trogolophiles and trogolobites among them. The NY Cave Gardens are inhabited by two endemic species, C. diabolus is very common down here and a amphibious animal which is most of it's time under water. A. tartartus on the other side has marine isopods among its ancestors and is a fast swimmer. Both species are blind and pigmentless and omnivorous.
Hateg short necked Azhdarchid by Hyrotrioskjan
Hateg short necked Azhdarchid
As if I could resist trying my hands on this new pterosaur!
Yesterday Darren Naish uploaded a new paper about a single vertebrate which they refer to a new Azhdarchid with an surprising short neck.
This shows, once again, that the Azhdarchidae were less uniform than previously thought and most likely more diverse in their preference of food and habitat. Hateg island (Romania) had at least three of these storks of doom: Hatzegopteryx, maybe the top predator of eastern europe; Eurazhdarcho, a much smaller (3m wingspan) long necked genus and now the short necked beast with maybe 4 m wingspan.

Here the paper:…

Here a quick summery on Earth Archives, I was making sketches of this guy when Nick asked me if I'm working on something like this ;)…

P.s. No this is not a hungarian terrorist standing next to the pterosaurs but Franz Nopcsa, one of the founders of Paleobiology, a eccentric person and discoverer of Hateg island and island dwarfism.

P.p.s. And no, the coloration is not inspired by Mark Wittons awesome reconstruction, I just like to give small and medium sized pterosaurs black or gray pelts.

P.p.p.s. Of course this reconstruction is highly speculative and I wouldn't recommend anyone to use it as a base for this or any other azhdarchid
Carpet Crab by Hyrotrioskjan
Carpet Crab
The NY Cave Gardens have naturally two sulfur springs which are the suns down here. They produce heat and bring a element in this system which is perfect for some lifeforms to chemosynthesize. They are extremophile bacteria. Some of them form small, fast growing, stalactites like structures on the tunnel walls, so called Snottites, they form a basic food source for some small animals. Other grow on the bottom of the small ponds which are filled with sulfur acid and water. And other grow on the claws of carpet crabs.
These small crustaceans (scale bar 2 cm) live near the sulfur springs and cultivate the chemosynthetic on their limbs.
S. lanatus was once endemic to Borneo but today the NY Cave Gardens are their last reservation and one of the most spectacular sights down here (they can appear in large numbers and sometimes small fishes nibble on their limbs).
Aegirocassis by Hyrotrioskjan
Another quick piece of Paleoart, this time a new gigantic anomalocaridid from the Ordovician of Morocco. With maybe 2m in length it's among the largest members of its group, only Anomalocaris itself reached maybe a similar size. In addition it's the second known filter feeding anomalocarid.

The paper is available here:

Anomalocaridid trunk limb homology revealed by a giant filter-feeder with paired flaps

  • Peter Van Roy,
  • Allison C. Daley
  • Derek E. G. Briggs…


Joschua Knüppe
Artist | Professional | Varied
Hi, my name is Joschua Knüppe

In the moment I study free art at the Academy of fine arts Münster and I hope to work and teach one day as a independent artist and illustrator.
My work can be split into three big parts:
1. Paleoart and Paleontography
2. fictional ecosystems, some of them on other planets
3. mythical creatures, especially dragons, depicted in a realistic way

All my work is connected together and form large four-dimensional networks which become more and more dense with the time.
In terms of an classic modernist I'm a concept artist, which means that the idea is for me always more important or interesting than the form of it, I still try to improve myself, and I see that it work, but the construct, the concept behind my artwork is the real art.

I love comments, positive and negative, try to reply each of them and 'm always open for questions.

Projects which are belong together and form large four-dimensional networks:
-Part time humans
-Dragons of the world
-Wegener 2
-Future birds and their world
-Organic technology
-Paleoart (with Jurassic Germany and many more)

Out of this I have two other projects:
-GDM (Global Dinosaur Monument)

This ID cards have a place for interests and hobbys but I'm interested in too much things so I count them here:
dinosaurs, pterosaurs, mosasaurs, birds, dragons, art, art history, paleontology, walking, annoy creationist, writing, reading, drawing, painting, working with clay wood and metal, ants, biology especially behavior, bio technology, bio informatics, fantasy, SiFi, being at DA, doing exhibtions, holding lectures, arguing and many more.

Well, take a look at my Gallery maybe you find something, beautiful, strange, interesting or more positive adjectives ;)

If you want to use my work ask first, I normally don't mind but I want still the controll over my work. Also I don't like to see my work out of it's original context, how I said: the story behind the pictures is important!

Commissions: I normally don't do commissions, exeptions are for scientists who want a reconstructions. In addition I do sometimes sketches for friends and people who ask friendly =)

If you have questions or other reasons to contact me can send me a Note here on DA or mail me under:

I'm now also on Facebook!…
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It's again this time of the year when everyone in our academy goes crazy, a sudden burst of activity rushes through the whole building and the workshops are full with hastily working students.

Our class is too very busy in cleaning the rooms and dividing the rooms. It's still not clear what space I will get (and I'm still struggling between two projects to show) but I have a good feeling it will all go well.

And of course everyone how wants to come can come. The academy is open from 05.02 to 08.02 from 10:00 to 20:00 and I will be there all the time. 

Here more information, the poster (I'm not sure if I like the version of this year) and a timelapse video of the Foyer from last year.…

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